16/10/2012 - 19:11 pm

Lowering device available on another JDN hoist line


The emergency lowering device recently introduced by German manufacturer JD Neuhaus for its EH range of air operated hoists can now also be supplied as a standard feature on the Profi Ti line from 25t to 60t lift capacity.

Hoists incorporating the emergency lowering device option are equipped with a separate air tank, with two additional buttons also incorporated into the hand controllers. This air reservoir is automatically maintained at the full working air pressure during normal hoist operations. This ensures the availability of a positive emergency braking system when required.

Certification by Det Norske Veritas can also be provided on request, to comply with safety requirements involving applications for offshore cranes as well as power driven hoists.

The Profi Ti range of JDN products are suitable for all engineering applications throughout a wide range of industries including oil and gas exploration and processing, mining, shipbuilding, foundries, the chemical industry and heavy plant construction.

They are designed to comply with Ex operating ratings, suitable for working in hazardous areas or potentially explosive environments. They are insensitive to humidity and dust laden atmospheres, and can operate at temperatures from -20°C to +70°C. 

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