23/09/2013 - 14:19 pm

Magnetek’s Anti-Shock Technology Increases Safety and Control | Industry News

In industry news, Magnetek, Inc., has added an anti-shock feature to its IMPULSE•VG+ Series 4 crane controls. The new anti-shock technology automatically stabilizes loads by detecting and minimizing rapid increases in motor torque, thus reducing the potential for crane damage caused by operator induced load shock.

This proactive approach protects the crane and building from excessive stress conditions, thereby reducing maintenance costs, and increases operator safety by reducing the risk for mechanical failure.

“The Impulse•VG+ Series 4 anti-shock technology not only minimizes load bounce, it also reduces the potential for damage to the load and the entire crane structure. After stabilizing the load, the hoist automatically reaccelerates to the speed the operator had initially selected. At no point, however, does it take control away from the operator,” said Jason Wellnitz, Magnetek controls product manager. “Our anti-shock feature is extremely easy to set up and will be incorporated as a standard feature on all new Impulse•VG+ Series 4 drives.”

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