15/04/2014 - 18:55 pm

Magnetek’s DataLogger Series 4 Improves Troubleshooting | Industry News

Magnetek Inc. now has available the DataLogger Series 4 drive support tool. This microprocessor-controlled, flash memory drive recording device makes it easier for users to access operation history and parameters from the company’s IMPULSE•G+/VG+ Series 3 and  4 and IMPULSE•G+ mini drives.

Like Magnetek’s previous DataLogger, the Series 4 allows users to access the run, alarm, and fault histories, as well as drive parameters, on the LCD display or their PC. The new device also offers an integrated drive trending feature that simplifies troubleshooting faults and alarms by graphically depicting operational status and allowing users to see how drive monitors interact at the same time. Expanded memory provides increased storage of parameter sets and events, along with corresponding monitor data.

The new DataLogger Series 4 has also been designed to operate as a keypad when used with IMPULSE Series 3 and 4 drives. Users can now configure drives and log and modify parameters without switching back to the drive’s keypad. The device simply plugs into the keypad pocket on IMPULSE Series 4 drives or connects by a cable to IMPULSE Series 3 and G+ Mini drives.

“I think customers will appreciate how user-friendly the new Datalogger Series 4 is,” said Aaron Kureck, product and development director for Magnetek. “The added drive trending feature and keypad functionality make troubleshooting crane and hoist control systems even more efficient.”

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