15/10/2013 - 18:48 pm

Magnetek’s Telemotive MBT Transmitter Features Same Options Found in Larger Transmitters | Construction News

Magnetek Inc. has launched its Telemotive MBT radio remote control that features control options typically found in larger bellybox transmitters in what the company is claiming is one of the smallest, lightest bellybox controls on the market. The MBT has a graphic display, proportional thumb sticks, FHSS RF, and two-way feedback.

“While its size makes the MBT versatile, it does not sacrifice functionality,” Eugene Novak, Magnetek’s radio controls product manager said. “Many different combinations of toggles, selector switches, and potentiometers are available, and the optional graphic display can be adjusted for status updates and machine information as needed.”

The MBT was introduced to the mobile hydraulic market four years ago, and now is available to overhead material handling customers for crane and hoist applications.


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