31/07/2012 - 14:28 pm

Malta Freeport Terminals Selects Cargotec SmartPath for its Container Terminal

Cargotec has received an order for the integration of the Cargotec SmartPath process automation solution on 110 existing terminal tractors and 23 quay cranes at Malta Freeport Terminals. It is the first for the Cargotec SmartPort concept, which was introduced at TOC Europe exhibition in Antwerp in June.


Cargotec SmartPath allows Malta Freeport Terminals to gain consistent, valid, and correct updates of the terminal tractor positions to optimise the dispatch process for vessel load and discharge, by providing timely automatic job status updates. It avoids manual job step information being entered too early or too late, making the dispatch more efficient. In concert with Navis Prime Route, SmartPath reduces truck idle time and driving distance, leading to lower operational costs through increased fleet utilisation, reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. 


“We have embarked on a heavy investment programme in both equipment and the infrastructure, and expect to increase the terminals’ capacity to over 4.2 million TEUs. With Cargotec SmartPath process automation solutions we expect to further boost our efficiency and this way help our customers better reach their targets,” says Alex Montebello, Director Sales, Marketing, IT & Operations, Malta Freeport Terminals. 


SmartPath is part of the Cargotec SmartPort process automation solutions, which include SmartStack, SmartRail, SmartPath, SmartLifts, SmartTrucks, SmartQuay and SmartFleet. Process automation increases productivity and equipment utilisation rate, improves safety and reduces the potential for manual errors.  With Cargotec’s solutions it is possible to get immediate productivity improvements for a relatively small initial investment. The key to success is the seamless integration of the automation products, existing terminal processes and terminal operating systems.

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