06/12/2006 - 06:00 am

Manitowoc Adds MAX-ER Attachment to Model 16000

Manitowoc Crane Group, Manitowoc, Wis., announced that the MAX-ER attachment is now available on the Manitowoc Model 16000, a 440-ton lattice-boom crawler crane. According to Al Kadow, product marketing manager for MCG's lattice-boom cranes, the MAX-ER attachment can provide up to 256 tons of counterweight, effectively increasing the crane's capacity at radius.

The standard boom length on the Model 16000 is 315 feet, but with the MAX-ER, boom length can be increased to 394 feet. Add on a luffing jib with the MAX-ER and the 16000 can support a 295-foot boom and a 275-foot luffing jib for 570 feet of reach, compared to the 452 feet of reach on the standard Model 16000 with a 177-foot boom and 275-foot jib.

Kadow says this extra reach is useful in jobs where the crane can't get close to the area it is needed in. “Many times in petrochemical facilities, for instance, there isn't enough open area to set up the crane immediately adjacent to the lift site,” he said. “So the contractors need the extra 'up and over' allowed by the MAX-ER.” The 16000 is commonly used in petrochemical facilities, wind power equipment erection, and fabrication yard applications

Additionally, this is the first time a Manitowoc crane is equipped with a MAX-ER that sports a hydraulically driven stinger. According to Kadow, this allows the operator in the cab to hydraulically adjust the position of the MAX-ER behind the crane. The previous mechanical stinger required manual adjustment.

For more information, visit http://www.manitowoccranegroup.com.

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