15/11/2006 - 06:00 am

Manitowoc Crane CARE Offers Technical E-Training

Manitowoc Crane CARE, Manitowoc, Wis., hosted a live demonstration of its new technical e-training program at the Manitowoc Crane Group CraneExpo in October. The program features online training courses in basic hydraulic, electric, mechanical, and pneumatics theory.

According to John Alexander, Manitowoc Crane CARE's director of training and technical publications • Americas, the e-training program started about six months ago. Each course has approximately 15 hours of content with a pre-test, in-course quizzes, and a post-test certification.

The pneumatics course, for example, focuses on the basic physics laws, schematics, and systems design associated with pneumatic systems and fluid power. Students learn about various pneumatic compressors, air dryers, actuators, and air-line conductors. They also see how air is used as a medium to transfer energy, and they study air preparation distribution, and accessories used to make pneumatic systems operate. Finally, students learn to read and understand symbols represented in pneumatic schematics.

Other exhibits in the Manitowoc Crane CARE booth at the MCG CraneExpo included CraneStar, an equipment management system that collects, manages, and transmits equipment operating status and location data for crane owners; Brigade BackAlarms audible warning systems and Rear View CCTV systems, which provide operators with a wider field of vision at the rear of the vehicle and on the boom; and the EnCORE rebuild, repair, remanufacture, and exchange program.

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