01/11/2006 - 06:00 am

Manitowoc Reveals Plans for New 220-Ton Crawler

The Manitowoc Crane Group, Manitowoc, Wis., revealed plans for its 220-ton Model 14000 crawler crane at its CraneExpo in mid-October. Having received several dozen orders already for the 14000, Manitowoc will begin deliveries in early 2007.

According to Al Kadow, product marketing manager for Manitowoc, the Model 14000 is being positioned as a suitable alternative for the popular 230-ton Model 4100W mechanical crane. “The Model 14000 is a fully hydraulic crawler crane of modern design, whereas the Model 4100W was one of the stalwarts of our traditional crane line, but they share many of the same characteristics,” he said. “They will also share much of the same client base. Customers for the model 14000 will be contractors working in virtually all types of applications • commercial construction, bridge building, tunneling work, fabrication yards, petrochemical plants, and more.”

The Model 14000 offers a maximum boom length of 282 feet and a maximum luffing jib of 373 feet. Manitowoc's patented FACT connection system, which consists of two hooks, two horizontal connection pins, and alignment pads for each boom connection location, is standard on the 14000.

Powering the Model 14000 is a six-cylinder, Cummins Model QSL 8.9-liter diesel engine with 340 BHP @ 1,800 governed RPM. The engine includes an 120V engine block heater, a 24V air heater starting aid, a 120V oil heater starting aid, high silencing muffler, radiator, and fan. Multiple hydraulic pump drive transmission provides independent power for all machine functions.

Like many other Manitowoc crawler cranes, the 14000's controls feature the company's CANbus with Electronically Processed Independent Control (EPIC) system, which manages six independent closed-loop hydraulic circuits and ensures that the system will run at maximum efficiency while lifting, Kadow said. EPIC also provides microprocessor-driven control logic, pump control, on-board diagnostics, and service information. Block-up limit control is standard for hoist and whip lines. A rated capacity indicator system is standard for main boom and upper boom point, and function cut-our or warning only operation is available through a programmable configuration. Travel and swing alarms are standard.

For the operator, the Model 14000 has a fully enclosed and insulated steel Vision Cab, which is equipped with a sliding door and large safety glass windows on all sides and roof. Signal horn, cab space heater, front and roof windshield wipers, air conditioning, dome light, sun visor and shade, fire extinguisher, and air circulating fan are standard. Options include tilt cab and optional nylon protective window covers.

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