16/01/2013 - 17:28 pm

Massive lock gate lifted by cranes with Terex Tandem Lift Assistant


Terex Port Solutions successfully commissioned a Tandem Lift Assistant at Rendsburg Port Authority, Germany. This means that the two Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes supplied to the customer in the course of 2012—one Model 3 crane, variant G HMK 3405 with a maximum lifting capacity of 100t, and one Model 8, G HMK 8610 with a maximum lifting capacity of 150t—can now be used simultaneously to perform computer-controlled tandem lifts.

At the heavy-load terminal in Rendsburg Port, on the Kiel Canal in North Germany, these two cranes are responsible for handling project cargo, including particularly large, heavy components for wind turbines.

The Tandem Lift Assistant is one of a number of smart crane features offered by Terex Port Solutions to its customers to enhance the productivity and safety of complex moves with Terex Gottwald cranes.

The system was installed on the two cranes at the end of November 2012, and successfully commissioned during a test move. In December, the cranes performed their first commercial tandem lift when they handled a 236t lock gate.

“The Tandem Lift Assistant enables us to perform lifts with loads weighing up to 250t, which is more than any other crane in this region of Germany,” said Peter Klarmann, managing director of Rendsburg Port Authority, the owner of the two cranes. “Thanks to this capability, our cranes offer customers around the Kiel Canal a unique opportunity, which, of course, ensures us a competitive advantage when it comes to handling large, bulky and very heavy cargoes.”

Joachim Meyer, head of design for mobile harbour cranes at Terex Port Solutions added: “For the Rendsburg Port order, we applied our Tandem Lift Assistant technology to a combination of one Model 8 and one Model 3 crane; in other words, two cranes of very different size and design. The system offers customers not only increased levels of safety and convenience when performing tandem lifts, but also boosts productivity because they are permitted to use the maximum lifting capacity of both cranes.”

The Tandem Lift Assistant was presented to the market in mid-2011 together with the Vertical Lift Assistant, which was developed for cranes working individually. These two solutions and other smart crane features.

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