22/02/2012 - 04:00 am

MEC Displays 2659 Crossover Scissor, Panel/Pipe Holder at Rental Show

Following the 2659 ES Crossover scissor lift’s debut last spring at ConExpo-Con/Agg, MEC Aerial Work Platforms, Kerman, Calif., introduced the scissor lift to the rental market earlier this month at The Rental Show. The electrically powered, 26-foot-high scissor lift can negotiate most unfinished surfaces and also work on finished floors inside a building. Its 59-inch width and 41-inch stowed height lets it move easily through a standard set of double doors. MEC President David White said that 2659 ES has been a “home run” machine that’s been well received by the market since ConExpo.

White says customers are reporting that the Crossover scissor lifts are commanding better rental rates than traditional 26-foot scissor lifts, in part because the same Crossover can work on a project from start to finish. “One customer who bought multiple units at ConExpo is now placing a healthy reorder for use in drywalling applications,” said White.

Besides exhibiting the Crossover 2659 ES at The Rental Show, MEC also introduced a new accessory: J-shaped frames that fit onto a scissor lift’s guard rails to hold lengths of pipe or the tops of panel material, such as drywall.

The holder consists of a square tube with an upside-down “C” channel welded to it. The channel slips onto a lift’s guard rails and is held in place by two steel pins. The vertical tube hangs downward, and a J-shaped insert slips into the tube and is secured by a pin.

To work as a pipe holder, the J-shaped frame’s long end slides up into the supporting tube from the bottom and is pinned in place. The closed short leg of the frame supports the pipe or other material (as shown in photo). Capacity in the pipe-holding configuration is 250 lb. per pair.

For use as a panel retainer, the long side of the “J” frame is inserted into the supporting tube from the top, so that the open part of the “J” faces downward and the outer lip keeps the panel tops from tipping outward. The panel bottoms sit in an MEC designed panel holder secured to the lift’s platform. To release a panel, a worker simply tilts or lifts the holder slightly.

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