24/05/2006 - 05:00 am

MEC Quad-Trax 4WD Scissors Conquer Extreme Terrain

The new 3072 and 3772 rough terrain scissor lifts from MEC, Selma, Calif., are designed to handle a wide variety of off-slab applications. With the introduction of the MEC Quad-Trax 4-wheel drive system, no work area is off limits, according to the company. With three separate drive modes to choose from, the operator can now select “high” speed, “mid range” for average terrain applications, or “high torque” range when the terrain is extreme and requires maximum traction or the ability to climb steep grades. All three modes can be selected while the scissor lift is in motion and will shift automatically.

“In typical MEC fashion the components used through-out the 3072 and 3772 are robust and over spec'd,” said Jim Tolle, president of MEC Aerial Platforms. “An example is the wheel motor drive shafts. While other brands use shafts that yield 8,000 in.-lb torsional load, MEC has opted for the much more robust 24,000 in.-lb torsional load shafts.”

Powering the MEC multi-faceted drive system is a Kubota engine – available in either gasoline/LP (dual fuel) or diesel – connected to a variable displacement pump that only produces the oil required for each application. If the machine is running but no selection is made, then the pump remains in stand-by mode making only 300 psi, resulting in an efficient power train that does not consume much fuel. A quick 4.0-mph driving speed and gradeabilty over 45% makes the unit easy for rental store owners to ship.

Working heights extend to 36 ft and 43 ft. Width is 72 in., providing a 60 sq ft of platform space when the roll-out deck is extended to a full 48 inches. The MEC Powerlift elevating design provides superior lift capacity and platform stability.

Steering control is mounted at the top of the joystick for easy one-handed operation. An adjustable mount allows the controller to be positioned for maximum operator comfort. Ground controls are at the base of the chassis. Guardrails fold down quickly to allow the machine to access confined areas.

According to the company, the unique combination of wide beams, large pins, and no maintenance Teflon bearings, creates a large load-bearing surface in the scissor pivot areas and a firm, sturdy, reliable platform for maximum production. All mechanical and electrical components are easily accessible without raising the platform or swinging out trays.

MEC provides a full range of optional features including auto-leveling outriggers, removable upper control stations, platform work lights, AC generators, additional LPG tanks, and several types of tires including foam filled, turf, and non-marking rough terrain.

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