05/05/2015 - 16:42 pm

MEC receives U.S. patent for material rack

MEC Aerial Work Platforms has been issued a U.S. patent for its “Aerial Work Apparatus with Laterally Offset Work Platform” design, which is featured on the Crossover 59 series and 69 series scissor lifts. The MEC 2659, 3259, and 4069 models were designed with an integrated sheet material rack for greater productivity and safety.

Recognizing the need by many skilled trades to support sheet type material such as dry wall, plywood, and glass on the outside of the scissor lift platform, MEC introduced this feature to overcome the challenge of workers attempting to improvise their own attachment device. These homemade devices can compromise the stability of the aerial work platform, and they violate OSHA, ANSI, and manufacturer requirements of existing products.

The MEC sheet rack has been designed and tested as an integrated feature to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable standards when materials are placed on the rack outside of the guardrails with persons and tools inside the platform guardrails. This is achieved in part, by keeping the material rack within the overall width of the machine while offering load capacity of 250 lbs. for the 2659 and 3259 models and up to 300 lbs. on the 4069 models. With this design, trades are able to more safely use the machine to closely position materials, greatly diminish the fatigue from lifting material over guardrails, and reduce the associated risks from handling activities both to personnel safety or injury and materials damage.

Beyond the addition of the material sheet rack, the design puts the rack level with the bottom of the platform and a roller off one end of the sheet rack allows material to be loaded by a single individual with less risk of damage. MEC’s low stowed height improves efficiency by allowing materials to be loaded more ergonomically at close to waist height. A pair of material retaining devices are adjustable in height to secure the material when the machine is driven or elevated.



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