07/10/2018 - 14:53 pm

Mentor Expands Site Audit Programme

UK company Mentor FLT Training can now offer site audits to a wider range of customers as the service is now available through its Field Training Managers.

This expansion is in response to ever-increasing demand from customers looking for clear, efficient ways to increase productivity and improve site safety. As word spread about the benefits of investing in an audit, Mentor found themselves fully-booked, bringing a need for extra auditing personnel.

Through Mentor, companies can arrange a one-day audit of up to four safety-critical areas: SSOW/policies, equipment, area of operation and operational management. These can be reviewed holistically, or in any combination of the four.

The service had only previously been available through technical manager Andy Cartwright, but due to the high level of expert feedback and value that the audits can add to a business, the popularity with customers has led the service to be expanded.

The seven men and women on the team are based around the country and each possess an in-depth understanding of good practice and the dangers associated with operations, coupled with experience across a wide range of industries.

The rollout also sees the results process getting streamlined, as the outcomes and recommendations can now be provided on the day.

“We’ve had so many of our customers telling us about how useful they found the audits,” explains Mentor FLT Training managing director Stuart Taylor.

“Now we have a team to meet the demand for audits is going to be a huge boon for both us and all the companies we’ll now be able to visit.”

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