24/05/2009 - 05:00 am

Merlo Updates Telehandler Models

At Intermat, Merlo SPA, Cuneo, Italy, announced updates to several new telehandler models, including the Panoramic P 40.8 PLUS, P 40.8, P 40.9 PLUS, and P 40.9.

Offering load capacities up to 8,800 pounds and lift heights between 27 and 30 feet, the Panoramic P 40.8 PLUS, P 40.8, P 40.9 PLUS, and P 40.9 models have wider, more spacious cabs, a leaner, more dynamic engine bonnet, and new functions to make tasks easier. For example, all the controls are positioned for the operator to easily reach, the seat and steering wheel are adjustable, visibility is increased, and cab ventilation uses a more efficient system. The machines' telescopic booms are lighter, more compact with swifter movements, and all mechanisms are located inside the boom for maximum protection and safety.

Powering these models is a four-cylinder, 101-hp water-cooled Perkins engine. Naturally aspirated or turbocharged, these engines have a hydrostatic transmission operable from zero to maximum travel speed simply by pushing the accelerator pedal.

In delicate operations, the inching control allows the boom to reposition within the millimeter, allowing the operator to work with optimal speed and number of revs according to the specific demands of the task. At the same time, inching minimizes consumption and response time of the telescopic boom.

The hydraulic system is supplied by a variable displacement pump with a load-sensing control, which allows the flow of hydraulic oil to be varied, automatically adjusting it to the demands of the activated hydraulic services. The flow of oil is always equal to that demanded through the joystick control. With inactive controls, the dissipated power is reduced to a minimum. Benefits of this system include reduced consumption and longer component life.

The exclusive boom suspension system (BSS) on the telescopic boom is available as an option and offers full advantages in terms of comfort and safety. It makes driving more comfortable, improving the dynamics of the vehicle and guaranteeing increased stability. Performances are improved with more safety at work, speed, and productivity.

Other features include a frame-levelling device and boom side-shift. Hydraulically activated on the front axle, frame-levelling allows the chassis to be horizontally levelled when 10%, due to the formation of the work area, recovery of side slopes is necessary. With this recovery action, even severe slopes can be corrected, improving operational safety in fringe areas.

With the boom side-shift, the upper part of the chassis and telescopic boom, can be shifted sideways with respect to the longitudinal axis of the machine, transporting the load to the desired point with extreme precision and without having to reposition the handler. Use of the integrated side-shift does not limit the performance of the machine, but instead, it ensures maximum adherence to the load charts however great the side-shift is.

Merlo's updates include a variety of attachments that allow totally different kinds of work to be carried out, adapting in a few seconds from digging a ditch to lifting personnel to great heights.

Merlo products are represented in North America by Manulift, located in Sainte-Foy, Quebec. For more information, go to www.merlo.com.

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