23/02/2015 - 18:21 pm

Mighty Crane attracts attention

At the Underground Construction Technology (UCT) International Conference and Trade-show held in Houston, TX in January 2015 Reachmaster Inc showed the Mighty Crane CR285D- for which ReachMaster is the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada. During the show the crane was awarded the “Showstopper Award.”

The Mighty Crane CR285D is 9ft 7in (2.9m) long and will fit through a single standard doorway. It weighs 4388lb, (1990kg) has a lifting capacity of 6172lb (2799kg) and working radius of 28ft 6in (8.7m). The larger model, the Mighty Crane CR335D features lifting capacity in excess of 6500lbs, 41ft (12.5m) outreach and pick and carry options.

The mini crane category has grown in the US over the past few years, because of its compact form and ability to access areas that typical cranes cannot enter. The Mighty Crane is track-based and sets up with the use of outriggers. Lifting objects from one place to another is a simple and efficient task with the Mighty Crane’s 5-section telescoping boom and turret, which swings 360deg continuously.

During the tradeshow the Mighty Crane got the attention of many attendees – professionals from utility companies, government municipalities, rental companies, pipeline companies and more stopped by to learn how the Mighty Crane could assist them in their day- to-day operations.

The general consensus was that the Mighty Crane would be a great solution in a multitude of applications including water/sewage plant maintenance and repair, pipeline repair, gas pipe and pipe station use. The current use of big truck mounted cranes being stationed far away from the actual lifting sight is very common but comes with many complications such as booming over with risk of damage. The Mighty Crane presents a new solution to this with the ability to bring the crane into the actual lifting site to work more safely and efficiently.

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