13/08/2013 - 13:42 pm

Miller Lifting Products Adds DIN Hook Latches to LIneup

Cranes of all types manufactured in Europe and exported to the United States and Canada incorporate forged lifting hooks made to European standards DIN15401 (for single hooks) and DIN15402 (for double hooks), and require unique hook latches designed specifically for DIN standard hooks. DIN standard hooks are found on mobile cranes, overhead cranes, port cranes, offshore cranes, on hook blocks manufactured by U.S. and European producers.

Miller LIfting Products, Charlton, Mass., announces it has added DIN standard hook latch kits in capacities from 3 metric tons to 1200 metric tons. Designed to aid in replacing safety latches for DIN standard hooks, Miller stocks the complete range of hook latches for single and duplex DIN standard hooks.

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