17/10/2013 - 10:40 am

Misia Celebrates Sale of 100,000th Wire Rope Hoist


Italian overhead crane and hoist manufacturer Misia Paranchi S.r.l has sold its 100,000th wire rope hoist to a local customer.

The 6t unit was purchased by ISEA S.r.l, which is based near Rome, and will be integrated into a 24m span double girder overhead crane for use in a truck workshop. ISEA had previously purchased four units from Misia, of 6t and 16t capacity—all of them foot-mounted.

The announcement follows a race to sell the milestone hoist among the Misia sales team. The unit was eventually sold by Katia Branciari on September 26, 2013.

The journey to 100,000 sales is as much a testament to the volume of orders as to the firm’s ability to track such progress. Marco Bertelli said: “Foreign visitors to our factory are always impressed by our paper archive; close to our desks we keep mobile filing cabinets full of records from the early days. Knowing we were close to the milestone, recent visitors have been joking about who will be the lucky customer to buy our 100,000th unit.”

Misia currently tracks sales to 68 different countries. Marco Bertelli, business development manager, said: “Although the majority of our older machines had been produced for the domestic market, the deliveries to foreign countries are steadily growing. In the last 12 months the export quota got three times bigger than what it was three years ago.”

Although fitting that the 100,000th order would be for a standard hoist, Misia now offers hoists up to 50t capacity to varying configurations, representing its growth and development since the journey began. Over the past 30 years, Misia has expanded its range first up to 16th, then to 25t, before 40t and 50t units were introduced. 

Meanwhile, Misia plans to begin production on new chain hoists to expand on sales opportunities where tenders don’t specify electric wire rope hoists.

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