30/08/2016 - 13:17 pm

Mitsubishi Boosts Order Picking Efficiency by 20% – Product News

Through a series of innovations Mitsubishi design engineers have created the VELiA low level order picker designed to boost throughput by 20% in a typical warehouse.

It starts with a walk-through cabin that enables the machine to stop at the optimum position between pick points. Rather than walking around the machine, the operator simply uses the cabin as a direct walkway to the picking point..

To improve things still further, designers have re-imagined the cabin to deliver 40% greater space for the operator in a spacious and uncluttered workspace.  The result is the market’s largest platform along with exceptionally easy on/off access from either side thanks to a step height of just 105mm that significantly reduces operator strain and enhances performance through the longest shift.

Importantly, VELiA’s entire floor mat acts as an activation sensor – allowing the truck to move as soon as the operator is in place. It also acts as a dead man pedal – ensuring that every driver can find a comfortable position – even when reversing. For added comfort and safety, it has been designed to absorb vibration and benefits from an anti-slip surface.

Because intensive picking applications demand complete and precise control, VELiA features a sophisticated, programmable controller that allows the truck’s acceleration, speed and braking settings to be precisely tailored to suite the operator and the application.

Operator control is further enhanced by VELiA’s advanced electric steering system. This smart system automatically reduces speed whilst cornering and features automatic drive wheel centring – ensuring that operations stay safe and productive at all times.

Because of its compact dimensions this 1 to 2t order picker offers exceptional manoeuvrability.  At just 1262mm the OPB20NE model is short with a maximum steering angle of 100deg, and the turning circle allows it operate in aisles of less than 2.3m.

The Maxius steering wheel in this six-family range is comfortable and responsive, it brings all operating controls within easy reach of both hands. It’s fully adjustable and so easy-to-use that it can be operated using just one hand. Operators can choose between right or left handed controls – a feature that makes reversing much easier.

The VELiA ES range offers a maximum drive speed of 12km/hour when the operator is riding, but sets a safe pedestrian speed in optional walk-beside mode. It comes with a choice of rising platform, risking fork and scissor lift fork models.

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