31/10/2006 - 06:00 am

MMLE Introduces New Insulated Articulating Boom Lift

Man and Material Lift Engineering, Cudahy, Wis., has unveiled its latest creation, the A60i insulated articulating boom lift. The machine is geared for plant maintenance, electrical and construction contractors, electrical power stations, and tree trimming.

Powered by a diesel, gas, or dual fuel engine, the A60i has a fiber optic system that provides an insulated connection between the platform control computer module and the ground control computer module. The platform and ground interface modules continuously communicate using pulsing light signals.

The A60i comes with emergency power that's provided by an electric motor driving an attached hydraulic pump. Platform power is provided by a 12VDC, 18 Amp-Hr battery located in an enclosure on the outside of the platform. Two back-up batteries are also provided. Standard features on the boom lift include a 60-foot platform height, 500-pound maximum platform capacity, a 24”x48” fiber glass work platform, a 5-foot fiberglass jib, fiber optic controls, non-conductive hydraulic hoses, work lights, and ground controls.

Both the platform and ground controls on this machine are the standard JLG boom lift controls modified internally with a fiber optic interface.

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