21/03/2012 - 13:00 pm

Mobile Harbour Cranes for Two German Ports


Demag Cranes has received two orders for mobile harbour cranes from German ports, strengthening its presence on the Kiel Canal, which connects the North Sea at Brunsbüttel to the Baltic Sea at Kiel-Holtenau.

A Gottwald G HMK 6407 crane including a spreader is bound for Heilbronner Versorgungs GmbH, where it will be used in the Neckar port. Later this year, a

G HMK 8610 and a G HMK 3405 will be sent to Rendsburg Port Authority GmbH for use at its port located in Osterrönfeld, Rendsburg.

The crane destined for Heilbronn will load and unload river barges and handle containers. Port director Wolfgang Feger said, “The G HMK 6407 with a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tonnes and a working radius of 51 metres offers the flexibility we require for our new inland terminal.”

The two cranes for Rendsburg will be used mainly for handling cargo, particularly large components for wind energy installations. Tandem operation is also planned, whereby the smaller G HMK 3405 crane (maximum 100 tonnes lifting capacity) works as a support crane for the larger G HMK 8610 mobile harbour crane (maximum 150 tonnes lifting capacity).

In tandem operation the port has lifting capacity of up to 250 tonnes, more than any other mobile harbour crane in Schleswig-Holstein. Additionally, two load bars and a spreader are included in the order.

Pictured: This Gottwald G HMK 6407 mobile harbour crane, a variant of Model 6, will be used for loading and unloading river barges and handling containers at the terminal on the River Neckar, in the south of Germany.

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