05/04/2006 - 05:00 am

Modular Low-Flow Valve Controls Compact Equipment

Announcing an addition to its complete line of mobile hydraulic valves, Parker Hannifin Corp., Elyria, Ohio, recently introduced the VO40 Open-Center Directional Control Valve. The VO40 is a high-performance, cost-effective, low-flow valve rated 40 LPM (10.6 GPM) and 300 Bar (4350 PSI). This sectional valve complements other product lines, and can be stacked to 10 sections.

Unique features of the VO40 valve minimize function drift, and precise metering ensured by machined lands provides repeatable control. Flexible performance options and enhanced serviceability make this product line well-suited for use on a wide range of compact equipment including implements, attachments, skid-steer loaders, forklifts, trenchers, directional borers, agricultural machinery, small cranes, and aerial platforms.

The product features a unique lock-valve section option that can be used in applications where no leakage or function drift is allowed. According to the company, application of this lock-valve can save OEMs hundreds of dollars per installation by eliminating the need for complex accessory valves. Other noteworthy features include:

  • A complex series of metering notches on the spool lands enable the operator to actuate functions simultaneously, providing for cycle-time efficiency and secure operation. In addition, these notches can be tuned for all types of operations including both resistive loads (meter in) and negative loads (meter out). The design allows the spool to be inserted into either end of a symmetrical housing.
  • The slotted design of the valve sections allows users to easily add or change sections and functionality. This feature is important in markets where aftermarket and OEM options are available, and can be added as required at a later date. Unlike many other similar designs, sections of the VO40 can be removed without taking apart the entire assembly.
  • An enclosed handle assembly protects the spool and spool-seal area from contamination and potential corrosion, while the robust trapped-seal design in the VO40 ensures reliable operation. In addition, using the same generous-size section seals in all locations eliminates the chances of incorrect assembly during service or restacking.

For more information, visit www.parker.com/hydraulicvalve.

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