02/12/2014 - 20:11 pm

Modulift Video Shows Proper Assembly of Spreader Beam | Industry News

Modulift has a new video that provides reviews with the practical facts, figures, and data needed to construct a spreader beam correctly. Senior design engineer Anthony Culshaw gives a full walk-through presentation, pointing out hints, tips, and safety precautions detailed in the Modulift User Instructions.

The video shows each beam component and how each section should be aligned and affixed along with providing  advice on which tools to use, which are also mentioned in the user instructions.

Culshaw resumes with practical information that will lead to the inclusion of shackles and slings, as well as when including the use of a crane for assembly of larger beams, how to build safely and effectively ready for the lift.

The video is available to view on the Modulift Uk Ltd YouTube Channel 

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