23/06/2022 - 11:40 am

Mollo Noleggio supports the Giro d’Italia 2022

The most important cycling event in Italy, Giro d’Italia was held for the 105th time this year between 6 and 29 May 202. Italian access rental specialist, Mollo Noleggio, was one of the sponsors – following the race for 3446.6km and being part of the caravan of vehicles with a  4×4 pick-up truck and a 13m aerial platform dressed up for the occasion.

Mollo was also present with its own commercial stand in the Open Villages set up at the start and finish of each stage, in which customers, suppliers and numerous partners were welcomed.

Mauro Mollo, president of Mollo Noleggio said, “It was an honour to participate as an official partner in the Giro d’Italia, an event that has always been able to unite an entire nation under a unique jersey, the Pink one. Despite what you might think cycling is a team sport, as in any team sport you only win with the support of the whole team and being a team outside the competition is equally important. In addition, the Giro travels through the Italian territory, touching places and regions where our branches and our customers are located, from north to south.”

Mollo Noleggio has 45 rental depots throughout the country, some of which are located in the cities visited by the Giro d’Italia: Forlì, Imola, Bologna, Parma, Genoa, Mondovì and Verona.

Mollo Noleggio also promoted a safety message by branding the bumper cushions along the entire route at roundabouts, hills, tight curves, etc.

Mauro Mollo said,”We wanted to associate our brand to safety, a topic which has always been paramount for us. Safety is very important for those who deal with the rental of vehicles and equipment, as it must be for those who use the machines. This is why we created the Mollo Academy, which since 2013 has been providing training courses and licenses for the use of equipment.” In the coming months the company plans further investment in training, with projects for customers and internal staff, including the inauguration of a new headquarters for the training Academy.


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