20/08/2012 - 21:35 pm

More than 1,000 Skyjack Scissor Lifts Added to Nationwide Platform’s Fleet

Nearly 1100 brand new Skyjack scissor lifts have joined Nationwide Platform’s equipment rental fleet. The equipment includes five different models, providing access to heights up to nearly 80 metres. More than half of the machines are SJIII-3219 electric scissor lifts, totaling 650 machines. A further 200 SJIII-4632 scissor lifts will be entering the fleet, along with more than 170 SJIII-3226 models. This equipment is in addition to more than 50 6826RT and 6832 models that have entered the fleet since the spring. These scissor lifts provide access to heights of around 10 and 12 metres respectively and can be driven at full height with their roll-out decks fully extended.


All of the machines delivered in 2012 have been specified to customer requirements with features that include additional joystick protection, drive creep speed-mode switch, power to platform RCD protection, and emission-compliant Kubota diesel engines.  The Skyjack equipment has been purchased in recognition of the broad cross-sector applications that demand scissor lifts in peak condition.


As the machines were delivered across the Nationwide Platforms depot network, Skyjack also completed a demonstration day at the head office of the business in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. This day gave guidance to employees working both in technical and customer facing roles.


Across the UK, the business currently has more than 5,500 scissor lifts available for hire, in addition to more than 1,100 low level access platforms. Richard Miller, Nationwide Platforms’ executive director–sales and marketing, said: “Investing in our fleet is a central part of our commitment to giving our customers the highest standards of service. The introduction of the new Skyjack models into our fleet will help us continue to ensure that our customers receive the market leading quality that helps set us apart as a business.


“Skyjack demonstrated a real willingness to win this large order and have worked closely to our needs to ensure our delivery schedule has been met. Throughout the deal they’ve remained easy to work with and highly adaptable to the needs of our business.”


Nationwide Platforms fleet replenishment programme, which will see a total of nearly 1,700 new units enter the fleet, will be completed this fall.


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