03/06/2014 - 15:52 pm

Morse 160 Four-Wheel Drum Trucks Now Offered with More Versatility | Industry News

Morse Manufacturing Co.'s 160 line of four-wheel drum trucks now offers even greater versatility. The 160 loads drums, and carries all the drum weight during transport on four wheels. It is especially designed to expedite moving drums on and off pallets, and it positions horizontally to dispense contents. Stainless steel construction is also available for wash-down applications, as are monel parts for spark resistance.

For outdoors or rough terrain, pneumatic tires and a wider wheel-base are available. The Morse 160 is ergonomically superior with a U-shaped grip to protect hands, upright positioning for compact storage, and is an ideal fit for narrow isles. Models handle steel, fiber. or plastic drums. They are built tough in the United States.

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