05/02/2013 - 15:39 pm

Morse Manufacturing Introduces Drum Handler

Morse Manufacturing now offers Pilot, a power-propelled, power lifting and pouring, walk-behind drum handler. Features include a 3-mph floor travel speed, 25-fpm drum lifting speed, and 3.6-mph maximum empty travel speed. The handler could dump drums at heights of up to 10.5 ft. and 11 in. beyond the straddle-type legs. Drums up to 1,500 lbs. can be lifted.

Pilot travels fast, maneuvers with extreme precision in tight areas, lifts and pours with maximum speed and accuracy, and offers the advantages of power/"dead man" braking safety.

Ergonomic throttle, steering, and drum positioning controls reflect industry standards. The MORcinch drum holding system immediately adjusts to 22- to 23.5-in. diameters, and options are available for plastic or fiber drums, and smaller drums.

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