23/07/2014 - 22:06 pm

Motor Controller Now Available for DC Scissor Lifts | Industry News

Skyjack has introduced a motor controller for its DC scissor platforms, a technology it has used for years on its vertical mast lifts. Applying it to the company’s DC scissor lifts gives the equipment closer control, better efficiency, longer working time between recharges, and quieter operation. The technology will first be available in scissor lifts sold in Europe, Asia, and Australia, with additional market launches considered in the future. In the meantime, trials are planned for customers in other markets, and Skyjack welcomes requests from customers to participate in the trials.

Skyjack plans on introducing this new technology on machines in North America after the new design standards for aerial work platforms are in effect in the United States.

The device manages the DC electric motor that drives the scissor platforms, delivering only the power required to complete any given operation. That improves performance without over complicating the machine’s design and also maintains the features and benefits customers love on their Skyjack DC scissor platforms, says the company.

Motor controller benefits:
• Longer battery life. Because the controller delivers only the power that is required by each operation, overall working life between charges is increased.

• Lower energy consumption. With the new design, recharging time is also shorter, reducing energy consumption, lowering cost, and improving environmental credentials.

• Better maneuverability. The new power delivery to the mechanisms allows enhanced steering settings, which leads to better maneuverability. This is particularly useful in confined spaces. In addition to better steering and travel speeds are optimized.

• Quieter operation. Because the motor output is no longer set to its maximum, noise levels are reduced.

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