01/11/2006 - 06:00 am

National Crane Unveils 30-Ton Crane with Patent-Pending Controls

At the Manitowoc Crane Group Expo in October, National Crane, Shady Grove, Pa., introduced the new 30-ton capacity 1300H Series boom truck to the North American market. The 1300H is the largest capacity National Crane that can be mounted on a three-axle truck, while maintaining an overall vehicle length of 40 feet and carrying over three tons of payload. The unit also features the new Easy Reach patent-pending stand-up control console for enhanced crane operation.

The 1300H fills the gap between the 28-ton capacity 1100 Series and 33-ton capacity 1400H Series stand-up crane models and features 69-, 100-, and 110-foot four-section boom options • the 100-foot boom is standard. An optional 25- to 44-foot two-section telescoping jib is also available, making the maximum tip height 162 feet. The swing system features operator adjustable swing speed, and the speed can be adjusted from creep to 2 rpm to suite operator preference or the job requirements.

The Easy Reach control console is a unique pilot-operated hydraulic control system that is exclusive to the 1300H. Mounted behind the cab, the spring-assisted control console can be unlatched, and then moved from left or right operator stations and transport positions. The Easy Reach offers adjustable operating height for ergonomic operation, a start-and-stop switch, a console-mounted hour meter, and 12-volt power outlet.

Mike Herbert, senior product engineer, said by swinging the Easy Reach console out of the way, the operator can step right out of the bed. “When the operator has to move between the load on the ground and the controls on the truck, he doesn't have to constantly walk around the bed to reach the controls or climb over the payload to reach the ground,” he added.

In the operator station, all fuses and relays for crane control are located in one area for easy serviceability. Additionally, all valves are centrally located behind a hinged door for easy service access.

The 1300H also incorporates the Hirschmann (PAT) Mentor LMI, which provides the operator with continuous display of the crane's actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius. It also includes working area definition system (WADS) to accommodate the H-style multi-position outriggers with full-, mid-, and retracted-span lifting capabilities. Other National stand-up crane models use the Hirschmann (PAT) DS 160 LMI, which does not support retracted span load charts or WADS. To meet its current needs, National Crane will be incorporating the Mentor LMI throughout its product line by the end of 2007.

Additional features include internal anti-two-block wiring, which eliminates damage to the wire from external sources, self-lubricating boom wear pads, and quick-reeve blocks and boom noses. A removable boom rest is standard equipment.

For options, owners can order a front stabilizer to allow a 410 working area, ratio remote controls, winch drum rotation indicator, personnel baskets, a removable steel bulkhead, and wooden or steel beds for payload hauling flexibility.

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