23/04/2012 - 04:00 am

Neff Rental Joins SmartEquip Network

Neff Rental LLC is now live on the SmartEquip Network. The system is supporting service and parts personnel, fleet managers, and procurement processes nationwide at all 64 locations.

“There is an important alignment between the priorities of each of our companies and the value that SmartEquip technology brings to our business,” notes Graham Hood, Neff Rental’s president and CEO. “We selected SmartEquip to further raise the efficiency of our service operations and increase the utilization of our fleet, while also reducing the transactional costs of doing business across all suppliers. The choice of SmartEquip technology was a very natural extension of our operational priorities, especially during a period of revenue growth.”

According to SmartEquip founder and executive vice chairman, Alexander Schuessler, “With Neff’s membership, we have gained an important partner in our mission to bring efficiencies to our industry’s equipment fleets, and to those that supply them.”

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