26/07/2006 - 05:00 am

NER & Identification Technologies Join Forces to Fight Crime

This month, Identification Technologies and the National Equipment Register (NER) announced that they are combining the DataDotDNA marking technology and NER's database to create a unique and powerful identification and registration system that will deter equipment theft and aid in its recovery if stolen.

To be called Heavy Equipment Loss Prevention Technology DNA (HELPtechDNA), the system uses thousands of microscopic identification chips containing a unique number that is either painted or sprayed onto each machine. Once applied, the HELPtechDNA number is registered on NER's database and used by police gencies across the country to identify heavy equipment. Each pot of HELPtechDNA contains microchips premixed in a specially designed durable adhesive that contains an ultraviolet trace. When a law enforcement officer shines a blacklight over an area where HELPtechDNA has been applied, it will fluoresce. Once located, the HELPtechDNA number can then be easily read with an x30-powered magnifier.

By applying HELPtechDNA to machines (large and small), they become undesirable for a thief to steal as they can not be "cleansed," thus dramatically increasing the chance of being caught and prosecuted. Each kit contains a number of visible HELPtechDNA warning decals and signs that are placed on the machines and around the premises, sending a clear message to would-be

thieves that the machine is identifiable and traceable by law enforcement making it “too hot to handle” if stolen.

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