24/02/2011 - 04:00 am

New 50,000 Pound Capacity Mobile Crane

Mentor, Ohio-based Air Technical Industries has launched its RBC-50000SPBW Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Mobile Crane, with a 50,000 pound lifting capacity, designed for indoor use where heavy components need to be lifted, transported, positioned, installed or assembled. The crane can lift up to 50,000 pounds and up to 240 inches high. It is self-propelled with variable speed controls. It features power steering and a powered telescopic boom.

The unit is simple and easy to operate with dual controls for greater flexibility. All controls are push button operated and built into the steering handle. It has another control on a remote pendant so that operators can align the load more precisely where necessary.

The crane travels on ten polyurethane wheels to reduce and spread floor loading and to protect the floor. All wheels are equipped with machine roller bearings for smooth, quiet and easy mobility. The propulsion is DC battery powered 48V. Solid state control provides smooth acceleration and deceleration. An automatic braking system is built into drive wheel motors, and is applied when the controls are released. The travel speed is from 0-3 mph.

The boom lifting, telescopic boom action, and powered steering are hydraulically operated. The hydraulic cylinder shafts are made from high carbon tough steel, ground, polished and chrome-plated, which protects from corrosion and provides smooth, efficient operation. The hydraulic system is equipped with safety relief valves to protect the system and to prevent over loading.

The RBC-series of cranes are available in a variety of capacities and sizes from 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 6,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, and 50,000-pound capacities. Smaller models start at only 34 inches wide, narrow enough to fit through a doorway.

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