20/04/2016 - 12:12 pm

New all-terrain Groves – Product News

Manitowoc showed five Grove all-terrain cranes Bauma 2016, including the new GMK5150L which was launched at the show, two recent introductions – the GMK5250L and the GMK4100L-1, the six-axle GMK6400 and the GMK3060, which was unveiled three years ago at Bauma 2013. At Bauma 2016 Grove was emphasising the taxi capabilities of its all-terrain cranes, demonstrating the superior transportation options the units offer in addition to class-leading capacity and reach.

The new all-terrain cranes for the global market are the five-axle Grove GMK5150 and GMK5150L, they are said to have the best load charts in their class, both when working in their taxi configuration – for the most convenient road travel – and when configured with their maximum counterweight for optimal capacity.

These 150t capacity cranes have a compact design for manoeuvrability and the GMK5150L, which was shown at Bauma  features a 60m boom while the GMK5150 has a 51m boom. The GMK5150L replaces the GMK5130-2 and the GMK5150 replaces GMK5110-1 in the company’s product line.

Maximum counterweight for the GMK5150 and GMK5150L is 45t and helps the cranes achieve an overall load chart increase of 20% over the GMK5130-2. Up to 10.2t of counterweight can be carried by the GMK5150 in its taxi set-up (when configured with a Gross Vehicle Weight of less than 12t per axle – a common axle load limit in many countries), while the GMK5150L can accommodate up to 7.9t of counterweight in its taxi configuration.

Jens Ennen, senior vice president all-terrain and truck-mounted cranes at Manitowoc, said, “For several years we’ve been launching all-terrain cranes out of our factory in Wilhelmshaven, Germany that have set new standards in the industry,” he said. “With class-leading load charts and specifications, the new GMK5150L and the GMK5150 are highly mobile cranes that continue this tradition. These cranes will maximize return on investment for our customers through their superior reliability, ease of transportation and user friendliness.”

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