01/03/2022 - 16:21 pm

New commercial structure for Manitex Valla

Manitex Valla has made some important changes affecting its sales organisation. Fulvio Frunzio, currently the sales director, Italy for the Oil & Steel brand of PM – Oil & Steel SpA – has been given a coordinator role for the sales area of Italy, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia. The aim is to consolidate and develop the competitiveness of the Valla brand in markets that, because of the work performed by Michele Donna, as sales area manager, has allowed the company to achieve important results.

With the same aim of improving its market position and its level of attention to customer needs, Manitex Valla has appointed Andrea Zanella as customer service coordinator, a position already held by Zanella for PM Oil & Steel SpA.

Manitex Valla is confident that this new organisation, combined with the valuable and strategic work carried out by Andrea Sella Piazza as export sales manager, will provide the company with further impetus for a new season of commercial success.

Fulvio Frunzio said, “I am pleased with this new role, it is a great opportunity in a company that demonstrates great potential. The Manitex Valla sales team, made up of competent and motivated people, has all the credentials to reach and exceed the set objectives. I believe it is important to give a new commercial impetus to the Manitex Valla brand, at a time when the market is presenting favourable conditions for growth. We bet everything on the new, innovative, performing products Valla has developed over the last few years. The commercial strategy we intend to implement is quite similar to what was successfully achieved for Oil & Steel, based on the peculiarities of the industrial self-propelled crane market, their range of use and its interlocutors.”

Andrea Zanella declared that he enthusiastically accepted the assignment, defining this opportunity a further and important development on a professional and personal level within the Manitex group. “The customer service team has recently been strengthened with the addition of a new resource that will certainly strengthen our support and innate customer focus at both Oil & Steel and Valla.”

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