05/02/2013 - 23:12 pm

New FiberRigg Composite Pad Designed to Support Air Bags

When customers began asking Composite Advantage LLC, Dayton, Ohio, for a lightweight pad that was stiffer and stronger than steel, the manufacturer responded by developing HVLift. Engineered to support high-pressure air bags used to lift large equipment and loads, HVLift marks the manufacturer’s next generation product in its line of FiberRigg composite pads.


“When large loads, monster equipment or buildings need to be lifted up, air pressure bags are inserted under the load and inflated,” says Scott Reeve, president of CA. “The operation requires pads that can support the load and protect the air bag. Contractors were using heavy steel plates, which were actually bending under load.  Workers also were experiencing back strain from maneuvering these steel plates in tight spaces. Customers began asking us for a lightweight pad that was stiffer and stronger than steel, but wouldn’t yield under load.”


HVLift is constructed with continuous fiberglass reinforced fabric to match the stiffness of 1/2-in. steel plate yet exceed the strength capacity of the plate. HVLift weighs 50% less than a conventional steel plate and is available in standard sizes (24 in., 32 in., and 36 in.) and custom options. Handles make it easy for workers to transport or move the HVLift pads.

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