28/02/2013 - 15:44 pm

New Kito hoist range for heavy duty users in explosive environments


Kito Europe GmbH has released a new series of CB ATEX spark resistant manual hoists and trolleys, which conform to the EU ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and are designed to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The series is targeted at heavy duty users, suited to use in petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, chemical and mining sectors in addition to paint booths and other similar environments.

The product offering covers 500kg to 3t capacities, with higher capacities available upon request. Suspension types include top hook, plain trolley and hand geared trolley configurations.

Kito pointed to the robust body size compared to competitors’ models. Many competitive models cannot be used with lifts longer than 3 meters due to brake heat buildup, it added. Kito’s CB ATEX series has a brake design twice the size and durability, resulting in less heat buildup and longer lift lengths.

The series has a copper coated bottom hook and latch, super-premium NP nickel plated load chain, and stainless steel hand chain. Available for use in T4 temperature environments, the hoist offers safety and security.

When supplied with a trolley suspension, the CB ATEX line includes solid bronze wheels through 2t capacity, and bronze coated wheels in the 3t model. With a hand geared trolley, stainless steel hand chain is standard.

Kito‘s CB ATEX series is built on Kito’s CB series heavy duty chain block. The traditional range is available through 50t capacity, and the full range is stocked at its Düsseldorf, Germany warehouse, available for immediate delivery anywhere in Europe.

Kito is a worldwide provider of electric and manual chain hoists, with subsidiaries or partners in all major global markets.

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