20/12/2006 - 06:00 am

New LAB Lubricant Designed for Gear Protection

LAB, LLC, an Indianapolis, Ind., web-based lubrication developer, has unveiled its latest lubricant, an open gear aerosol called LUBE-A-GEAR. Designed to promote greater gear protection in an easy-to-use aerosol, LUBE-A-GEAR was developed for use on cranes, drag lines, hydraulic excavators, aerial lifts, and other types of construction equipment with rotating bearings, it was engineered to reduce gear wear and metal-to-metal contact.

A specially formulated, asphaltic-based product containing molybdenum and graphite, LUBE-A-GEAR will not harden or flake off even at low temperatures. Packaged in an aerosol it is easy to apply, especially for spraying in hard-to-get-to places. The product can also be used on semi-enclosed and open gears, as well as on sliding surfaces and guides with large clearances. Harley Wilson, owner and president of LAB, suggests that users follow the recommended maintenance schedules of the OEMs since there are so many different environments and applications.

LUBE-A-GEAR acts as a cushion between gears, otherwise the gears can wear out prematurely, says Wilson. “So in that regard LUBE-A-GEAR can prolong the life of your rotating bearings, which are an expensive component of the machine,” he added. Wilson worked with Chemtool Inc., the largest grease manufacturer in North America, to develop his initial product, LUBE-A-BOOM and Chemtool has also been instrumental in the production of LUBE-A-GEAR.

Wilson says LAB's goal for next year is to add more dealers and increase the company's international presence. Currently, LAB, LLC has more than 150 dealers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as several OEM accounts. And, the product is being used in Iraq by the U.S. Marine Corps. “LAB prides itself on being a problem solver,” he says. “We not only listen to our dealers, but the end users as well,” says Wilson. “We have a simple sales strategy: Try our products against what you are presently using and let the best one win.”

For more information, visit www.lubeaboom.com.

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