29/06/2012 - 04:00 am

New Mitsubishi Electric Forklift for the Americas

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Houston, Texas, introduces the FB16PNT-FB20PNT series of forklifts. Featuring a compact design, these three-wheel forklifts are equipped with wet disc brakes for improved performance in wet or corrosive environments, electric power steering that provides improved energy efficiencies, and an ergonomic operator compartment that helps the operator remain productive throughout the entire shift.

The FB16PNT–FB20PNT series is designed for powerful performance and productivity in crowded and condensed work areas. Capable of operating in a variety of applications, the new series features:  A heavy-duty AC drive and hydraulic motors, along with Mitsubishi PM-1000 controllers; sealed motors for added protection from contaminants, such as dust and moisture; Controlled Cornering Speed feature that progressively reduces the speed of the forklift as the steering angle increases; an ergonomic operator compartment; and options like pneumatic tires, a full-suspension seat, cold storage modification, quad masts and side-shifters for dock-to-stock applications.

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