11/08/2016 - 09:36 am

New Self-Service Inspection App First To Launch In UK – Product News

Motion Software, the Scottish software innovation company, has become one of the first in the world and the only company in the UK and Europe to launch a ‘create-your-own’ app for the inspection and compliance sector.

The technology is part of the company’s new Kinetic software, launched to help move paper-based inspection companies to a fully digital solution – streamlining activity and improving data quality.

The app builder allows users to easily create and share their own electronic inspection forms, reports and compliance certificates themselves through an intuitive process. These can then be shared instantly with inspection teams or published.

Inspectors can access these, and other data, from virtually any device including smartphones and tablets (there are many options available for working in a Zoned environment as well). Kinetic also improves the accuracy of data capture and enables teams to share real-time data, speeding up the flow of information and eliminating the need for data entry.

Stephen Burt, managing director of Motion of Software says, “We see huge potential for Kinetic to change the way inspection teams operate – driving up efficiency and improving quality. We’ve made sure it is user-friendly and flexible to meet the different needs of our customers.

“Kinetic is the result of more than a decade’s experience of working with the inspection and compliance sector and we’re excited to be the first company in Europe to offer the app building option irrespective of the inspection discipline to be undertaken.”

Kinetic is the next-generation version of Motion Software’s Inspect software that was used extensively by the UK’s oil and gas sector. The company now has more than 5500 inspectors using the software in more than 30 disciplines around the world.

Since launching, the company has seen demand for the software exceed expectations.

Burt says, “We’ve had a fantastic response to Kinetic both from existing customers and new customers from across the inspection and compliance sector. Whilst our roots have always been in the energy sector, we now have customers in insurance, construction and general services.”

Key features of Kinetic include:

  • App/Report builder: teams can create, author and launch their own report  templates and publish them as an app
  • Schedule: inspectors’ time and workload can be planned and managed
  • based on competencies and availability
  • Dashboard and analysis: inspection and compliance reports can be organised at the click of a mouse
  • Alerts: proactive alerts both on screen and electronic to highlight key future events
  • Interactive portals: with the growth in 3D imagery and visualisation data can now be embedded in a graphical form.


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