02/05/2017 - 16:39 pm

New shackle saves 20% of rope

The Green Pin Power Sling Shackle developed by Netherlands Company Van Beest Company has been designed so that users can lift the same load with a lighter wire. The smaller shackle lifts up to 125t biggest 1250t.

The shackle is said to have the widest crown (+10%) in the industry and optimised D/d ratio. This means that users can save up to 20% on wire or synthetic rope and lighter wire means lower costs, providing more competitive power.

Each shackle is individually proof-load tested, material characteristics are thoroughly examined using both magnetic particle inspection and ultrasound techniques. Long-term performance is guaranteed by extensive fatigue testing (over 40.000 cycles).

The Green Pin Power Sling Shackle, makes heavy lifting easier for riggers with its lower body weight and eight lifting points. Tracking and identification of the shackle are easy thanks to markings on both sides of the shackle body (not on the bearing surface) and an RFID-chip in the pin and shackle.

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