12/12/2011 - 04:00 am

Nissan Forklift Introduces GO6 Series Forklift Truck

Nissan Forklift Corp., Marengo, Ill., has added the GO6 Series to its Platinum line. The heavyweight pneumatic tire GO6 Series forklift truck has a larger lifting capacity and a fuel-efficient diesel engine, capable of lifting loads of up to 17,500 pounds and heights of up to 26 feet.

The diesel engine, equipped with a turbo charger, has a common rail fuel injection system for greater power and fuel economy. Its turbo charger creates more power by forcing compressed air into the cylinders. The constant pressure boost occurs over the entire rpm range, for greater torque at low speeds. In addition, an intercooler chills the compressed air, creating a denser intake charge. As a result, more power is produced with a large reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions through its exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), emitting exhaust levels well below Tier III standards.

The GO6 Series forklift truck uses hydrostatic power steering for greater control and maneuverability. It offers a full suspension seat, wide view carriage and two-speed automatic transmission. The seat-actuated power interrupt feature prevents lift and tilt functions when an operator is not on board.

Platinum GO6 models include an engine protection and warning system that reduces the engine rpm when there is excessive heat generation.

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