30/03/2012 - 04:00 am

Nissan Forklift Introduces Platinum OP Series

Nissan Forklift Corp.,’s Platinum OP Series order picker models feature Ergolift, a design feature that reduces operator stress and increases overall productivity. This feature incorporates a secondary mast on the fork carriage that allows the operator to raise and lower the pallet to comfortable heights while stacking and retrieving. Ergolift reduces the need for operators to stress their backs with constant bending because pallets are always at the correct height.

The Platinum OP models also provide efficient performance with dual control pods that allow simultaneous drive and lift/lower functions. The series includes two models with the choice of nine mast heights and capacities up to 2,200 pounds.

Several operator safety features come standard on the Platinum OP models, including an operator presence system, an anti-fatigue cushioned platform, a plexiglass mast guard and a cantilevered overhead guard. An enclosed operator platform eliminates the need for uncomfortable belts and harnesses while still keeping operators safe. Optional lift limits are also available for operations with lower ceiling clearance.

The Platinum OP models are designed to provide a lower cost of ownership. They offer easy access to major components, fuse-protected circuits and a fault code history for simplifying diagnostics, to make servicing and inspecting the order pickers more convenient.

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