04/02/2011 - 04:00 am

Noax Updates Industrial PCs

Forklift terminal and industrial PC provider, Noax Technologies AG, Germany, said its PCs will now be equipped with new motherboards that increase efficiency and performance with a range of new components and features.

A highlight of the next generation is the new series of Noax IPCs with dual-core processors and a flexible plug design including two PCI express slots. The new components within the hardware offers better graphics, improved security when saving data and increased overall performance, among other enhancements. The new Noax motherboard is also suited for use with the Windows 7 operating system.

The hardware manufacturer from Ebersberg (near Munich, Germany) not only designed the motherboard in-house but also equipped it with a number of new components that reflect the latest technological advancements. Together they deliver optimal results. The latest generation of industrial PCs from Noax will be able to meet the lofty demands of industrial hardware for years to come, it said.

The heart of the Noax IPC, a 1.86-GHz dual-core processor, delivers more than enough computing capacity for modern industrial operations. These new processors will even increase overall performance when used with complete production control systems or complex process visualization configurations. Speed is provided by 8 GB of RAM operating in dual-channel mode. Especially for visualization tasks, the new hardware has a high-performance DirectX-10-compatible graphics controller. This allows users to clearly display complex processes or comprehensive CAD files in 3D. The increased performance and improved ergonomics ultimately benefit users by making operating procedures more efficient.

Noax IPCs are used all over the world in the most demanding of industrial environments. These robust terminals combat heat, cold, moisture, dust, vibration, shock, acid and lye.

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