29/03/2011 - 04:00 am

Portable Aluminum Gantry Crane Takes Center Stage

Gorbel Inc. showcased its line of portable gantry cranes, including its new lightweight portable aluminum gantry crane, made from lightweight extruded aluminum for easy lifting at ProMat, which took place in Chicago, March 21-24, 2011. It is an ideal solution for localized lifting anywhere in a facility, according to the manufacturer.

"Its portability makes it the perfect cost-effective solution for areas where lifting equipment is needed on an infrequent basis, like over machines for maintenance and pulling product," said Jeff McNeil, marketing manager. "Plus, it collapses down easily when not in use so that it doesn’t take up valuable floor space."

The gantry is available in capacities from 250 pounds to 2 tons; offers adjustable standard spans up to 20 feet; and provides users with an adjustable height under hook of 7 feet 12 inches. Gorbel's range includes adjustable height steel gantry cranes in capacities from 1 to 5 tons, with spans to 30 feet and heights to 20 feet.

Jeff McNeil also delivered a presentation at the co-located Industrial Crane & Hoist Conference (ICHC), staged by Industrial Lift & Hoist (ILH) magazine, where he outlined the benefits of patented track and enclosed track. He covered what makes these technologies different, what advantages there are to using these products, and provided case studies for each technology. End users saw an overview of the G-Force technology and a case study that showed the benefits in action.

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