08/03/2017 - 13:04 pm

Proemion brings greater functionality to telematics

Proemion GmbH is demonstrating its new data platform at ConExpo 7 – 11 March Las Vegas. It is part of a complete telematics solution combining hardware, software, and data services.

It is designed for handling massive data sets (Big Data) and sophisticated data modelling. It offers better data manipulation with analytics tools and faster performance. It has more precise administration and access controls with improved privacy & data security features.

The data platform will also get “smarter” over time. Proemion is working with its OEM partners to unlock a true IoT (Internet of Things) telematics solution that enables predictive maintenance and machine Learning.

There should be minimal-to-no disruption to customers’ telematics service. This is an automatic upgrade with no effect on existing data or configurations, and is included in customers’ service package. Customers need only to enable the new portal, and Proemion will be in contact to help make the upgrade. 

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