22/01/2018 - 10:30 am

Project cost cut 25% with ABB virtual drive commissioning

ABB has unveiled its Virtual Commissioning software solution that save time, reduce risk and increase engineering productivity in the development and operation of industrial automation systems at SPS IPC Drives.

The virtual engineering and commissioning technology helps machine builders and system integrators develop and simulate industrial processing lines and machines that include automation system and field devices. Using the Virtual Commissioning platform, a system integrator can set up virtual drives and PLCs to enable offline simulation, eliminating the need for testing on real-life production lines.

Because the virtual drive represents the same configuration as real drives and PLCs, the software saves time and effort and reduces risk during the engineering and commissioning of automated systems. Integrators can verify aspects of their systems such as control logic and responses to errors such as faulty sensors, recovery scenarios and timing behaviour. Virtual testing and simulation early in an implementation project can enable cost savings of 25% as it reduces the engineering time and risk during hardware commissioning. Additionally, it creates a safe space to deliver training for machine operators or to test solutions to improve productivity.

Use of the solutions on a €600,000 project could save up to €120,000, including a 20% cut in engineering time, a 25% cut in capital outlay, and 50% cuts in training costs and quality costs. Investment to virtual design techniques and tools is easily paid back.

Jarkko Lalu, design manager, ABB Drives, said: “ABB’s virtual commissioning can provide benefits at every stage of the automation lifecycle. Integrators can test design concepts, save engineering and commissioning time and de-risk projects, whereas machine operators can improve training and test configuration changes offline.”

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