08/10/2014 - 14:21 pm

Quick Ship Program from Konecranes Provides Complete Overhead Crane in Weeks | Industry News

Konecranes Quick Ship Program is now available to ship a complete overhead crane in capacities up to 10 tons in four weeks or less.  

The Quick Ship Program’s crane package will include a CXT hoist, end trucks, power supply, and single girder steel in spans up to 52 ft. “By including the steel, we take all of the guesswork out of delivery and completion," said Mark Ubl, vice president, industrial crane products, region Americas. "Customers know exactly when their crane will be shipped and can be confident that it contains all the components they need.”

Ubl stressed that for facilities with capital expenditure budgets that may have earmarked funds for a 2014 crane purchase, Konecranes Quick Ship Program allows managers to complete the purchase to meet construction deadlines. 

Quick Ship overhead cranes from Konecranes will be available in 3-, 5-, 7.5- and 10-ton capacities, with either a two-speed hoist or VFD inverter controls. The full-featured cranes will also include Konecranes hand-held mini-joystick radio control with pendant backup, and the  low-headroom CXT hoist that improves hook coverage of facility floor space. A plug-and-play festoon system and numerous safety features are all part of the package. 

“Cranes purchased through Konecranes Quick Ship Program receive an additional year of warranty, three years total, including both parts and labor,” said Ubl.

Konecranes Quick Ship Program cranes will be manufactured in three locations: Houston, Texas, and Franklin, Ohio, in the United States and Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, which helps reduce shipping costs. Konecranes is also available to install and commission the Quick Ship cranes. Delivery, installation, and commissioning are not included in the base price, and some exceptions may apply. 

“We expect that about 60% of the CXT cranes ordered through the Quick Ship Program will go direct to end-users, with the remaining 40% being ordered by contractors, architects, and engineers,” said Ubl.

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