17/05/2016 - 14:19 pm

Rapid Response Expands Crane Fleet with Manitex Valla – Industry News

Portsmouth, UK-based Rapid Response Solutions (RRS) has expanded its pick-and-carry crane fleet with the addition of 12t and 18t units from Manitex Valla, via the Italy-based manufacturer’s UK distributor Peter Hird & Sons.

The larger Valla Model 180E is the highest capacity crane of its type that RRS has purchased. The lifting, transport, and storage specialist has owned 15 mini cranes since taking delivery of its first in 2002, but there are currently eight units in the fleet.

Paul Barber, managing director of RRS, said: “To offer a diverse range of lifting solutions we needed something capable of carrying out pick-and-carry operations. The range of mobile cranes and operators able to offer pick and carry duties is dwindling and the dated Iron Fairy yard cranes [manufactured in the 1950s by British Hoist & Crane] are becoming a thing of the past. Traditionally this market would have been met by Iron Fairies with diesel engines, but the modern pick and carry cranes are far more compact, powered by battery and have non-marking tyres.”

RRS actually specified non-marking tyres on both cranes, which were supplied with hydraulic fly jibs, stowed on the boom on the 12t 120E unit and detachable with a bespoke carry frame on the 180E. Carl Cooper, sales and after-sales manager at Hird, led operator familiarisation sessions.

Barber, who recently visited the facility Valla shares with CVS Ferrari in northern Italy, said: “I was surprised by the number of options there are available for each model. Each country has different requirements and the factory seemingly stops at nothing to meet them. I honestly wasn’t aware just how much Valla is prepared to modify and alter a basic machine to meet a customer’s requirements.”

He added: “The largest pick and carry crane we had previously was 7.5t. With each model you have to weigh up the compromise between capacity and physical size. There is a shortage of larger pick and carry cranes in the UK for hire so it made sense to order the two cranes to meet our needs and those of others looking to hire cranes.”

RRS quickly put the new cranes to work. The 180E was used to support its Mega Lift, setting out the tracks, landing the legs and beams into position, before placing the landing platform on top of the beams. It was also integral to installation of large sections of a mezzanine factory floor. The 120E, meanwhile, was used alongside the company’s new 300t hydraulic skidding system.

Barber concluded: “The order book is growing. We always knew it would take a while to get two new machines working, but as we present the cranes to the different market sectors we are finding a lot more requirements. We will look at increasing the fleet with at least one or two larger machines in the future.”

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