24/05/2022 - 11:39 am

Raymond adds new thin plate pure lead power solution

The Raymond Corporation has added a new power solution to its Energy Essentials Distributed by Raymond portfolio of batteries produced at Raymond’s facility in Greene, New York, USA. Partnering with EnerSys, Raymond offers thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology to deliver fast-charging and maintenance-free power that provides customers with the high-performance energy needed to optimise their operations. Compatible with both the Raymond 8210 walkie pallet truck and Raymond 6210 walkie straddle stacker truck, the TPPL power solution provides an high quality alternative power solution.

The integrated on-board charger enables the TPPL battery to plug into any 120V standard outlet to be charged during breaks or at an operator’s convenience. This feature not only enhances charging flexibility but also eliminates the need for dedicated charging areas – offering additional storage space for products. TPPL technology eliminates the need for watering, battery cleaning and weekly equalisation – thus reducing maintenance, downtime and overall total cost of ownership by more than 50%.* TPPL allows customers to use existing charging infrastructure and improve efficiency of light to medium-duty operations economically.

“Raymond is committed to driving warehousing energy products into the future by providing solutions designed to evolve with industry needs,” said Jennifer de Souza, vice president of energy solutions, procurement and leasing at The Raymond Corporation. “The TPPL battery solution offers a complete power package with enhanced power and reliability to drive productivity, no matter the size or scope of your operation.”

The new TPPL power solution contains several additional enhanced features, including:

  • Optimised cycling performance and high-energy throughput
  • Enhanced sustainability with 99% recyclable composition
  • EE configurations for classified locations defined in NFPA 505

To celebrate the launch of the new TPPL energy pack, The Raymond Corporation held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Raymond Energy Solutions Center of Excellence, where the energy solutions are assembled.


*Based on conventional AGM battery life cycle expectancy of 300 cycles versus a TPPL battery life cycle expectancy of 1,200 cycles. 

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