13/06/2017 - 14:26 pm

Raymond Unveils New Raybuilt Centre of Excellence

The Raymond Corporation has unveiled the new RayBuilt Centre of Excellence located in East Syracuse, New York, USA. The RayBuilt Centre of Excellence will remanufacture Raymond forklifts, including the truck body, as well as the truck’s components, including motors, drive units, handles and hoses.

In the centre, the remanufactured product line will grow to include additional drive units and steer gear motors, Reach-Fork truck carriage assemblies, and hydraulic pump and motors. New lift chain assemblies will also be cut in the new RayBuilt Centre of Excellence. The facility spans more than 40,000sqft for the remanufacturing area, as well as more than 40,000sqft for the Raymond leasing division.

Michael Field, CEO of The Raymond Corporation says,“The RayBuilt Centre of Excellence products are exclusively supported by The Raymond Corporation, utilising the exact same engineering specifications and Toyota Production System (TPS) principles as all Raymond manufacturing facilities follow.

“The creation of the new RayBuilt Centre of Excellence will further support our continued growth, as well as support all our customers’ evolving needs with end-to-end solutions – from forklifts to parts to leasing.”

RayBuilt has been a division of Raymond since 1991. It has been remanufacturing more than 18,000 components every year, including: motors, drive units, handles and hoses. To date, the RayBuilt facility has recycled more than 8 million pounds of core material.

During an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the RayBuilt Centre of Excellence on 9 June 2017, Raymond also announced the expansion of its Raymond Parts Division with more than 40,000sqft being added to its distribution centre located on Kirkville Road, East Syracuse, New York.

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