10/03/2015 - 23:51 pm

Redesigned vehicle PCs terminals from noax

noax has redesigned its C12 and C15 industrial PCs to focus specifically on the requirements of the logistics industry. The noax C12 and C15 vehicle terminals are ideal for forklifts and industrial vehicles. The C12 offers versatility where space is limited, and for larger vehicles, the C15 offers users a larger 15-in. display. With optimized WLAN functionality featuring dual-integrated antennas, the C12 and C15 PCs ensure excellent data transfer and optimum reliability. 

The new design of the compact C12 mode reduced the dimensions even further. As a result, it is easier to fit into industrial trucks or narrow cabs. The models support the WLAN standards 802.11a/b/g/n as well as the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, to ensure optimal communication within the company network and efficient coordination of the logistics process. The WLAN antennas are integrated into the front frame to prevent them from breaking off. Alternatively, they can also be installed outside the IPC, for example, on the roof of the forklift. If WLAN is not available but data still needs to be transferred to the company network, the noax IPC also offers the option to transfer data via WWAN, such as UMTS.

noax is able to integrate Bluetooth functionality, for example for data transmission with wireless barcode scanners, thereby simplifying handling during order picking operations. The noax IPCs can also be fitted with an RFID transponder reader if required.

There are few forklift trucks and industrial trucks today that are not equipped with a computer. However, because the supply voltage often drops when a vehicle is started, this can lead to a sudden disabling of the IPC when the computer on the forklift is booted. This frequently results in loss of important information. The noax C12 and C15 forklift terminals with integrated UPS are the ideal solution. The integrated uninterruptible power supply bridges short supply voltage drop-outs – the information is preserved and remains available to employees. The integrated UPS can also withstand extreme operating temperatures as low as negative 30°C – making it ideal for use in refrigerated warehouses.

The simple and easily accessible USB connection on the front of the IPCs allows data to be loaded, for example, from a USB memory stick or additional peripheral devices. This USB connection is sealed by a rubber cap that forms a 100% seal in accordance with protection class IP65. If the cap is ever lost or fitted incorrectly, noax engineers have ensured that neither water nor dirt can enter the inside of the IPC. As inventory management vehicles as well as noax industrial PCs have to face the elements when used outside, noax’s well thought-out concept once again comes into its own in this regard, with its clear focus on robustness and reliability. Additionally, the durable design of the C12 and C15 means they are also suitable for use in cold chain logistics up to minus 30°C.

Thanks to its versatile construction, it is easy to install the compact industrial PCs on industrial trucks, high-rack stacker forklifts, or other machinery. T-track rails as well as VESA mounting holes allow for simple, rapid installation. Furthermore, the skillful design of the connector area allows the connector cover to be fitted and removed almost instantly – a feature that also benefits service personnel.

It goes without saying that all noax industrial PCs are completely protected against dust and water in accordance with IP65. The robustness for which noax PCs are renowned make them ideal for use as a forklift PC or vehicle terminal. noax can thus offer its customers top-quality hardware that can be optimally adapted to meet their specific requirements in a variety of logistics areas, which in turn gives customers more room for flexibility.

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